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Who's first to try this?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

You have to wonder what kind of cheese Elon Musk eats before he goes to bed. I mean, inserting micro threads into people's brains to read their thoughts and interface with computers? Heck, why not says Elon. He's started a company (of course) to do just that and they have already inserted threads into rats and mice. They have applied for permission to start human trials as early as next year.

To come clean, this didn't start out as an idea about controlling computers at all. It was a company who were investigating ways of interfacing with the brain for the purposes of treating diseases such as Parkinson's, or spinal cord injury. Mr. Musk turned up as an investor and saw the added benefit of using the technology to control computers with thoughts.

The real reason he is interested in this stuff is because he is afraid of artificial intelligence (AI) and wants a way to enhance humans to the point where they have a chance in the upcoming battle with our robot overlords. No.. seriously, that's why he is doing this.

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