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AI generated movie leaves us cold

AI image to illustrate AI Movie Making

The Frost is a groundbreaking 12-minute short film created entirely using generative AI tools, specifically DALL·E 2 and D-ID. Produced by Waymark, a company specializing in video creation for businesses, the film is a surreal and visually captivating example of the potential of AI in the creative industry. The unique aesthetic of the film is a result of constructing an entire world from images generated by the AI, giving it a consistent and otherworldly vibe. The use of generative AI in the film industry represents a transformative development, with various startups exploring its potential for creating images and videos for businesses, particularly in advertising.

The Frost is part of a series of short films made using generative AI tools, showcasing the diverse styles and techniques that can be achieved. The film's release has sparked interest and discussion about the future of generative video, not only in the artistic realm but also in commercial applications. The article provides an exclusive overview of the film and its creation, making it a valuable resource for understanding the impact of AI on the film industry and beyond

The filmmakers at Waymark expressed their awe at the inspiring nature of working with AI-generated visuals, describing it as opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities. However, they also highlighted the challenges of building a solid narrative using AI imagery as the base, emphasizing the difficulty of weaving a simple story while integrating the AI's visuals into the movie

The release of The Frost has garnered significant attention, with industry professionals and AI enthusiasts alike expressing fascination with how AI-generated video is changing the landscape of film. The film's use of generative AI tools such as DALL·E 2 and D-ID has been lauded as a stunning example of the transformative power of AI in the movie industry.

If you're interested in experiencing this innovative creation, you can watch The Frost below

The film's release marks a significant milestone in the intersection of AI and filmmaking, offering a glimpse into the boundless creative potential of generative AI tools.


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