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Never happy, some people

Sad git
Sad Face of world's richest man

"It's amazing for me to have made one of the greatest mistakes of all time" is the latest quote from Bill Gates. No, he didn't go on holiday and leave the gas on - he is referring to not having invented Android and missing out on dominating the mobile phone market.

It gives an insight into the mind of the super-competitive, super-rich, doesn't it. Some people might have been content with inventing MS-DOS, the operating system bought by IBM to power the first successful business PCs. Oh and creating Windows and Microsoft. Building one of the biggest companies in the history of the world and being, for a decade or so at least, the world's richest man.

But no. Bill is furious with himself that he didn't make a phone operating system which dominated the mobile computing world. Muse on that. Does money make you happy? Apparently not.

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