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How to configure Android to handle incoming spam calls

Updated: May 26, 2023

Tins of Spam

Spam phone calls are becoming a pain. But you can do something about it. Android allows you to configure your phone to reference a database - held and updated by Google -

to block these calls. It may not stop everything, but it will help.

You need an Android phone at least on Andoid v10, but most phones should be on this anyway.

1. Open Phone settings Open the Phone app on your Android device and tap the vertical three-dot menu in the upper right corner. From the pop-up menu, tap Settings.

2. Navigate to the Spam options From the Phone Settings window, navigate to the spam pop-up settings window by tapping Spam and Call Screen > Call Screen > Spam.

3. Enable automatic screening From within the Spam pop-up, select the option called "Automatically screen. Decline robocalls."

Enabling automatic screening of possible spam calls
Image: Jack Wallen

4. Decline robocalls Next, we want to set up automatic declining of robocalls. For this, go back to the Spam and Call Screen settings page, select Call Screen, and then tap Possibly faked numbers. In the resulting pop-up, again make sure to enable the option for "Automatically screen. Decline robocalls."

Settings box
Image: Jack Wallen

When a suspected spam call comes in, it will automatically be screened for you with these two options enabled, so you won't have to do anything about them. As a bonus, on the Call Screen options page, if you choose, you can also select First-time callers and choose the same automatic screening option that you did for spam and robocalls.


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