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Enable Clipboard History

Updated: May 26, 2023

Clippy the Microsoft paperclip

One of the most useful features of Windows 11, which is not in 10, is clipboard history. It allows you to have many different items in the clipboard and choose which to paste at any one time. This is so useful a feature it is amazing it has been only available with clunky add-on programs up till now.

To enable it in Windows 11, press Windows+V on your keyboard. You’ll see a pop-up menu in the corner with a message that reads “Let’s get started. Turn on clipboard history to copy and view multiple items.” Click “Turn On” to enable clipboard history.

Every item you copy or cut, either by right-clicking or by pressing Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X, is stored in the clipboard history. To paste in the item you want, press the Windows key (between Ctrl and Alt bottom left of the keyboard - usually looks like a window icon) and V. You are then presented with a history list and you pick the item you want to paste.

It works with pictures and text and even gives you access to special symbols and emoji. Try it out, it is a great tool. For a step by step with pictures, look here


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