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Facial recognition goes furry

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Technology will always be used for things other than it was originally intended. This is how mankind has developed the incredibly complex technological world we live in today. But sometimes you scratch your head and say "really - that's what they used it for?"

Here is a great case in point. Facial recognition software has come a long way in recent years. It is used on phones and laptops to unlock devices and really does work well. The development of cameras that can 'see' in 3D, being aware of depth, has improved this immensely. But would you believe it can recognise dog's and cat's faces? Yep.

I give you the artificially-intelligent pet bowl. It can recognise your cat and only feed it, not the neighbour's hungry moggy who has stolen in for a free feed. The same technology can be used for cat-flaps - or dog-flaps. This is only the beginning. Your cat will soon be answering your phone for you. Now, where did I leave those plans for the meow-to-speech engine?


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