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Should you be scared of your laptop’s webcam?

To tape up, or not to tape up - that is the question. I'm often asked about this so here are some facts. There is, of course, more info in the article I've linked to, but here is the rundown for the hard of reading. It is difficult (very difficult) to hack into someone's computer. It's not like in the movies and unless you do some very daft things - like switch off all the security software on your computer and allow programs to run after being told they are malicious, it is unlikely your machine can be running the soft of infection which would allow someone to view your webcam.

Better use of your time would be ensuring you don't reuse passwords and not downloading software without being sure of its origin. Modern PCs and Macs are difficult to hack to the level that would be required to access a webcam, but hey... it's your life. And what is it you don't want people to see? That is the bigger question.

If you want more info on how difficult it is to 'hack' a webcam, read this


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