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What to look for in a Mac

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

If you want an Apple product, there is a dizzying array of choice. Forgetting the tablets, which are a huge confusion on their own, the range of options and models will make anyone's head spin. So how about some help? Why, you're welcome - here is an article by a guy I don't particularly like (long story), but it is quite informative and accurate. It is long and complicated, so if you are an impatient type, skip to the 10 points at the end. In fact, here are the ten points so you don't even have to read the article (hint - read the article).

  1. If you need an iMac Pro, you already know it. Nothing I'm telling you here is news to you.

  2. Do not buy the Mac Pro, the base MacBook, or the non-Retina MacBook Air.

  3. Most people buy notebooks. Unless you're very enamored by the all-in-one iMac or the highly flexible Mac mini, you're going to get either a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

  4. If you want a computer you can tuck just about anywhere, but don't need to take it on the road, get a Mac mini.

  5. If you need a bigger screen on the road, get a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

  6. If you need a smaller notebook, you're going to need to choose between the very similar MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Get the MacBook Pro if you need more power. Get the MacBook Air to save money or weight.

  7. Buy as much processor as you can afford. Try not to get anything less than an i7 or you may regret it.

  8. Buy as much RAM as you can afford. Try not to get anything less than 16GB or you may regret it.

  9. You can always expand storage later, because Thunderbolt 3 is just that fast.

  10. Never buy a Mac with a hard drive. That time is past.


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