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Google launches new cloud storage options

Google has announced a new cloud storage solution, Google One. which is looking to incorporate all its existing storage into one plan. Google has many online storage products, such as Drive, Photos, Documents and so on, but this new plan will amalgamate these into a single product with a set pricing structure. Existing customers paying for a Google Drive plan will be automatically migrated in due course. Google One will be initially only available in the United States, but should be here in the UK within weeks. Those interested can ask to be notified by going to this webpage.

The pricing in the U.S. looks like this. Expect UK prices to be pound for dollar.

15GB Free

100GB $1.99 per month

200GB $2.99 per month

2TB $9.99 per month

10TB $99.99 per month

20TB $199.99 per month

30TB $299.99 per month


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