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Servicing and maintenance
You get your car serviced so why not your PC? An annual check up can stop
problems from developing into disasters and keep your precious data safe. This is a good way to protect your investment and ensure years of trustworthy service. Businesses looking for contract rates should email to arrange a consultation.

New computers
Cheap computers are widely advertised. However, cheap
means just that – the build quality and lifespan of these PCs can make them a false economy. Spending a little extra now could mean getting six or seven yearsfrom a PC instead of three. Good advice costs nothing and we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers know exactly what the issues are when buying a computer. Even if you decide to go elsewhere after seeing our quote, you will know a lot more about where to go and what to ask for.

Get a quote for a PC which meets your needs rather than one which a salesman wants rid of. You will be pleasantly surprised at the prices. And our price includes complete set-up in your office or home, with all software, email and internet working properly from day one.

In addition all printers, scanners, cameras etc. will be connected and set up with the latest drivers. Email accounts will be configured and tested. All required data will be transferred from any existing PC to the new one. (This is all documents, pictures, music, emails etc. Programs cannot be transferred and must be re-installed from disk)

Broadband installation and repair
Have you recently bought broadband and connecting is not quite as simple as the salesman made out? Angus PC Repairs will sort things out quickly and safely.

With increasing numbers of households setting up broadband without specialist help, there are a range of issues which can arise. No connection, slow connections, pop-ups and being directed to advertising pages are just some of the frequent problems experienced by customers. Usually caused by insecure PCs, getting it right from the start is our job.

Networks and wireless
Home networks and wireless broadband are now commonplace and are within the price range of most households. Quotations will depend on the exact layout and construction of your home or office.


Labour is charged at an hourly rate. A minimum charge of one hour is normally levied for all jobs. Quotations will always be given for jobs in writing if required.

We are not interested in a fast buck, we want regular customers and promise to give the best advice possible in any given situation – even if that means telling you to go elsewhere. Angus PC Repairs has a reputation built on mutual trust and honesty – just ask our customers