1st February 2017

Ransomware is the big threat to both individuals and companies in the UK at present. Home users are seeing emails with .doc or .pdf attachments which purport to be invoices from companies or other inviting subjects. The golden rule is never open the attachment. If you don't recognise the sender, delete the message. This goes for all emails from 'Apple' about people using your Apple ID or needing your sign in info. And if you think these things are insignificant, look what can happen. Read morehere.

20th April 2017

The new web based Google Earth is pretty amazing. Google has rolled out a major update to Google Earth with a new feature called Voyager that offers guided tours around the world and more context to the places you visit. Earth now also features an 'I'm feeling lucky' search option, a new 3D button to see places from multiple vantage points, and a share button. Google has curated about 20,000 locations, each of which comes with new Knowledge Cards that offer a brief history about the place. See it here 

9th August 2017

Killer car wash strikes! Yes, this could be a real thing. No fake news here. A couple of researchers have shown how they hacked a car wash to potentially attack a person or a car inside. Another case of change the default password dummy! Read more here

27th February 2017

There are a couple of notable events on the way for Windows users. The first is the forthcoming update to Windows 10 – this one is called the ‘Creator’s Update’. Those people who have particularly slow internet connections may need a hand to get this, as it will be a big update. Most people will see it in due course, but don’t be surprised if it takes a month or so for it to show up. The second event concerns Vista. Anyone with Vista is in trouble. It reaches end of life in April, so will be unsafe to use after that date. The machines are too old to upgrade to Windows 10, so a new PC will be required.  Anyone needing help with these events please get in touch.

3rd April 2017

iOS 10.3 is out for iPhones and iPads. See all the new features worth checking out right now. From tracking your AirPods to leaving reviews in-app, here are all the best features now available on the latest version of iOS. Read about it here.

14th July 2017

This has nothing to do with computers per se, but the news that the first really new transportation system in 100 years has been successfully tested is worth noting. Hyperloop is based on Elon Musk's idea of a vacuum tube with a magnetically levitated vehicle inside travelling at speeds of up to 760mph. Read more here

6th January 2017

​The abysmal lack of decent broadband in parts of rural Angus has long been lamented. But it seems for some, at least, the wait may finally be over. We have recently come across two separate companies offering point to point microwave broadband solutions to Angus residents, bypassing the traditional telephone line-based solutions to give speeds in the region of 12-15Mbps. Marykirk.com are one of those companies who are expanding into areas where BT are failing to provide adequate service. Any customers interested in these types of solution are encouraged to get in touch with Angus PC Repairs in the first instance. We can advise on the coverage and viability of this type of broadband.

9th March 2017

iPhone and iPad users, here is an important message. Before you update to iOS 10.3 you must back up your device, either to iCloud, or preferably to an iMac, Macbook, PC or laptop with iTunes. Why? Because if the update goes wrong, you could lose everything. Read about the details here....

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19th January 2017

Scams are everywhere. One of the latest involves Gmail. If you have a Gmail account, be very wary of anything, especially eminating from an email message, asking you to fill in your Gmail password. Here is a good guide to the scam and how to avoid it. 

23rd March 2017

All Apple users should change their iCloud passwords immediately. A security breach has led to many insecure passwords being exposed. A group of Turkish hackers are trying to extort money from Apple, threatening they will remotely wipe the files of the affected accounts unless a ransom is paid. It is unlikely that Apple will do this and before Apple get round to forcing everyone to change their password, you should do it now. Read more here.

12th January 2017

Got a new Macbook Air for Christmas? Never had a Mac before? How about a handy setup guide to walk you through things. Yes, I know that would be helpful. Oh, a lot of it is relevant to all Mac systems too. You're welcome...  http://mac.101.freemac.org/macbook-air-tips/

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16th June 2017

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has linked North Korea to the WannaCry malware that paralysed parts of the NHS last month. The investigation corroborates the findings of America’s National Security Agency (NSA), which traced the malware back to the Lazarus Group. NCSC, a new division of GCHQ, has not established whether the WannaCry attack was sanctioned by government officials. But the Washington Post has reported that the NSA was moderately confident that North Korea’s spy agency was responsible.


7th March 2017

OK, so this is about phones, but they are really mini computers right? The new UK laws on phone use in cars are pretty severe. Being seen even touching a device in a cradle, while stationary in traffic, could cost you six points and a £100 fine. Tough eh? Here are some tips to help keep your license. Read on

29th June 2017

Yesterday reports of ransomware spread across Europe with firms in Ukraine, Britain and Spain shut down. In the UK, the advertising firm WPP said its systems had also been struck down, while in the Netherlands a major shipping firm confirmed its computer terminals were malfunctioning. 
The virus is believed to be ransomware a derivative of the Wannacry infection which hit the NHS last month.

17th May 2017

"If you're an IT pro with decision-making capacity in an organization that continues to use XP, you should be fired." These are sentiments I agree with whole-heartedly. The recent NHS ransomware problem was wholely down to unpatched Windows 7 machines and the continued use of XP. I've banged on about these things and even been told by one customer I was talking rubbish, but hear this - using XP or Vista is irresponsible, as it is likely to spread infection. Read one man's view here... 

1st October 2017

Attention Apple owners. Lots of change on the software front this month with the release of OS X 10.13 High Sierra for Mac desktop and laptop users. It's early days, but it looks as though most of the changes are 'under the hood' to use an Americanism. Having said that, it seems they are to be welcomed. We are not recommending an immediate change for most users, who should wait a few months for the first update, but the adventurous out there can give it a try. It must be stressed though, take a backup - Time Machine or image - before upgrading. This OS uses a new file system which is not compatible with the old one, so a backup first is essential. 

27th January 2017

Fake news is big news these days. But aside from the political arguments, much of it is responsible for infections and scaremongering pop-ups on computers. It is reassuring then that Google seem to be moving to do something about it. Read more here.

17th February 2017

Facebook is a good place to start if you want to find out about someone. It contains lots of personal info which could be used against you. Pet's names anyone? For the unscrupulous individual, it can be a rich source of information. A toe in the door if you will. So keep that info safe. Here is a good guide to all things security on Facebook. Read more here.

24th July 2017

Free hotel Wi-Fi is ubiquitous these days, but is it safe? New evidence has come to light which exposes a frightening group of hackers who are using these hotspots to target individuals data. Don't worry too much though, it seems this is aimed at governments and high-level business executives. Read more here